i change my mind

this is what i REALLY want!


bah, what the heck

"Tell me what company thou keepst, and I'll tell thee what thou art."
- Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616)

what i really wanted

#1 meeting andrew, duh

#2 this awesome vans era men black&white
#3 be'ol (picture not available) use your imagination people
#4 and so on, clothes, bbs, and other things i want right now.


"it'll come true, right?"
(hope so.)


"why are you so gay dude?"


i'm back


hey peops im back! yeah thats right, im writing posts again! woohoo thanks to dane for making me do this, i dont find this fun but like, yeah whatever. yak jadi karena saya malas nulis posting banyak2, ini satu posting isinya kejadian2 sejak posting terakhir oke.

1. yak i had a super duper great time at melbourne, and i love them sooo much moah, sayangnya homestaynya kurang lama, semoga nanti pas sma gue bisa ikut afs amen!

2. selamat idul fitri ya all! maaf lahir batin, seneng dpt thr! uhuy lalala saweran jg seru, untung puasa udah selese hore yippeh

3.gue lg suka bgt nonton HOUSE! yak jd itu kaya sinetron bule di axn ada kok jd kaya tentang dokter2 gt deh tapi seru bgt! skrg di axn udah season 5, tapi gue baru nontonnya dari season 4 haha, ini beberapa orang2 didalamnya :

yak ini tokoh utamanya, dr. gregory house m.d. (hugh laurie) orgnya bacot sekali

(arah jarum jam dari org niggah) dr. foreman, wilson, cameron, house, chase&cuddy

4. i love justin bieber!, yak jd gue lg terobsesi sm justin bieber aw ganteng bgt semoga nati gue nikah sama justin bieber :$ haha lebay tapi ya, aminin aja deh, bagi yang mau tau ini videonya justin bieber - one time, you MUST see it! TA-DA!

so? what do you think? pretty good eh? lol HE'S AMAZINGG! justin ily :p
and i watched him for like, 130 times on my iTouch! woah can you believe that? i just found out myself! (you can see it by right clicking your iTunes and then click on play count) maaf ya kalo udah pada tau soalnya gue baru tau...ehe

udah deh that's all, soalnya gue ngantuk dan gak bisa mikir lagi ada kejadian apa intinya itu 4. oya sama gue lagi baca buku ini seru decc :

e itu kenapa ada kindle editionnya gue baru sadar

phew i think thats all peops, see ya next time for some new unimportant postings, read it and weep.

au revoir!,


Naomi & Ely's no kiss list

By Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

hey! how are you people? yeah so right now im reading a novel, which is naomi and ely's no kiss list! woo-hoo, this book is from the authors of nick and norah's infinite playlist! which is now a major movie, so uh well this book is great! let me write the synopsys from the back of the book,

Naomi and Ely live in the same apartment block. They've been soul mates since forever, sharing clothes, music, in-jokes, adventures - they even have a 'no kiss' list of people who are absolutely off-limits for kissing (an insurance policy against a Naomi and Ely bust-up). But what if they don't love each other quite the same way, or play by the same rules? when Ely kisses Naomi's current boyfriend, the fault lines in their relationship began to crack.


see, Ely is a boy and he's, well, gay so now you know. the story is interesting tho :D, well guess thats all i have to say for now, ciao